Dallas Metro provides a unique opportunity to learn hands-on. Our internship is a four month term during which you learn social skills that will assist you in the dynamics of the inner-city. Because of the closeness of our staff, you will learn to work with people with personalities radically different from your own. Consistency and dedication are two factors which have allowed us to operate for many years; and after your time here you will never view commitment the same way again.

What will I be involved in?

Our interns play a vital role at Dallas Metro. You will be involved in all aspects- children, teens, adults and servanthood. If you are considering this internship, please keep in mind that it takes a willingness to do whatever it takes. Along the way you will be challenged, stretched, pushed, and changed. It takes dedication, diligence, perseverance, and character. Dallas Metro is a serious organization dealing with people who have serious needs. This is not for the faint of heart. If you think you are up for it, Dallas Metro is the place for you!

What will I get out of it?

Leadership training and people skills are a vital part of the program. Daily life as an intern is busy, yet rewarding. You are taught to get outside of yourself, and step into a world which may be unknown to you. Mentoring and teaching are skills which you will learn during your internship, as well as basic life skills pertaining to inner-city life. Many issues are unique to inner-city work, and as an intern you will be faced with situations which are uncommon to you. We equip you to face challenges and to succeed.

Where will I stay?

Dallas Metro provides safe, comfortable housing for its interns, as well as transportation to all activities. All interns live in our apartment complex. As an intern you will be sharing a fully furnished apartment with several other interns. It is an opportunity to work with one of the nation’s most effective outreaches, and a chance to gain friendships and networks that can last a lifetime.

Cost and expenses

The cost for the four months is $500, which covers housing and food.


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