For a long time, Julius wanted to come to  Dallas Metro Kidz, but he couldn’t. He was too young. He was only two. So, when he was four—the age kids can come with an older sibling without a parent—Julius’ older brother, older by several years, took him to one of the truck shows.

Now nine years old, Julius is thankful for his older brother. “My brother is the one who started bringing me to the Dallas Metro activities. My brother is now sixteen and my sister is fourteen. When they were younger, they both went to the Dallas Metro programs. And they really liked the programs.”

At a very young age Julius already had a giving, generous spirit—and that spirit was demonstrated in one of Julius’ very first Dallas Metro activities. The kids are taught The Memory Verse every week—which is a verse from the Bible that reflects the core values Metro wants kids to learn. When a Dallas Metro staff member comes to a kid’s door to tell them about the week’s program, they ask the kids to recite The Memory Verse. If they could recite it, they win a Metro Buck, which can be turned in for a toy or extra candy. Julius’ older sister would always know the verse, but Julius would get so upset because he couldn’t remember it.

Finally, when he was five, Julius learned his first verse. He recited it to the Metro staffer and won his first-ever Metro Buck. He was so happy and so proud. The next day he came to a Dallas Metro Kidz program and he was trying to figure out what he was going to get with his Metro Buck. One of Julius’ friends wanted a toy, but he didn’t have enough Metro Bucks for it. Julius looked down at the Metro Buck he had tried for so long to win—and then told his friend, “You can have mine so you can get the toy.”

That’s a giving, generous spirit. That’s Julius.

Now Julius is at every Metro Kids program. He’s the first one at the truck. He comes running across the field after school. He comes to the stage and says “hello” to everyone. He always brings friends with him and he makes sure his friends are signed in so that they have a chance to win a prize.

When asked what was the most fun he had this summer, Julius’ face lit up with a big smile and he didn’t hesitate with his answer.

“Dallas Metro summer camp is the most fun I’ve had. Summer camp was great. I really liked the games. That was my second summer camp.”

Julius admits he really enjoys watching television.

“When I’m not in school I watch a lot of television. I watch all kinds of shows. One of my favorite is Zombie Apocalypse.”

In talking to the fourth grader he reveals two things that let you see inside his already-developing strong moral character and inside his big heart. He says his favorite superhero is Superman--The Man of Steel who saves people in trouble all over the world.

And what does Julius want to be when he grows up?

“I want to be a fireman. I like to save people.”

No doubt Superman would be proud of young Julius. Extremely proud.