Our Kid's Success Stories

Over the last two decades, we have encountered tens of thousands of children and their families. Read more about some of their stories.



TeOnna is fifteen. Her nickname is “Biggie.” She’s a twin. Her younger sister is called—you might have guessed—“Smallie.”



Elaina has been a part of Dallas Metro for six years—exactly half of her twelve years on earth.



For a long time, Julius wanted to come to  Dallas Metro Kidz, but he couldn’t. He was too young. He was only two. So, when he was four—the age kids can come with an older sibling without a parent—Julius’ older brother, older by several years, took him to one of the programs



Carolina is a relative newcomer to Dallas Metro—and she says she’s enjoying every program Metro has to offer. She said the Metro sidewalk truck was the first thing that caught her attention.



Nine-year-old Jacob is still raving about his first-ever Metro Kidz Summer Camp.

“I went to Metro summer camp for the first time this year. It was awesome!



Tiny Ashunte is a giggle box. A four-year-old prankster. One of her favorite things to do is to tell people—even total strangers—that they have a spider crawling on them. Then, with a bright twinkle in her eyes, she waits for their reaction.