A New Home 

Since 2011, Dallas Metro has been actively searching for a new home to bring all of its facilities and ministries under one roof. After many false starts, the perfect property has presented itself. 

1900 S. Ewing, located just south of the Dallas Zoo, fits the needs of Dallas Metro to effectively minister to the children of Dallas for the next 30 years. This property has an incredible connection to us- it is the original facility of Gospel Lighthouse Church, the church where Clay & Barbara first began reaching out to children. 

The facility, built in stages from 1941-1950, includes three buildings totaling approximately 50,000 sq. ft. of space, a large parking lot, and two undeveloped residential lots.

Our goal is to procure the property and renovate it with cash- we are committed to not go into debt. Not only do we desire to acquire the facility debt free, we will be raising an endowment to pay for the operating expenses for the next 30 years. 

You can be a part of bringing hope to children all across Dallas. Follow the link to donate toward procuring this facility.