Dallas Metro Summer Camp 2019

Dallas Metro summer camp is May 24th-27th. With your help we can have 400 of our kids at camp experiencing God in a way that will change their lives. 

Click Here to Send A Kid To Camp!


There are 3 ways you can be a hero for our kids this year at camp.

1. Become a Dallas Metro Hero.

For $150 you can be a hero and send a child to camp. Don't miss a chance to be a hero in our kids' lives. 

2. Volunteer for camp

Dallas Metro Summer Camp depends on the work of volunteers every year. This year is no different. You can be a hero by actually being at camp with our kids. This is an opportunity to witness first-hand the amazing things that God is going to do at camp.

You can apply to be a volunteer this year at camp. For ages 17 and under, be sure to fill out the Junior Worker's application.

3. Pray

Every year of camp is an unique opportunity to watch God move in our kids lives, but each year brings it's own unique challenges. Camp doesn't work without people, but it also doesn't work without prayer. We are expecting God to do something new and monumental at camp this year but we can't expect it without prayer. Your prayers are needed and appreciated.